Fern Dell Historic Association

9 East Front Street

P O Box 254

Newark, Illinois,  60541


Updated October 25, 2015



The Fern Dell Historic Association was incorporated in 1985 under the leadership of twelve directors.  The purposes of the organization are to preserve and maintain the history of the area in and around Newark, Illinois; to acquire and maintain a permanent location for use as a museum to display such items as may be donated and/or loaned to the Association; to provide assistance and information to anyone interested in the history of the people and the development of the area in and around Newark; to collect items, articles, etc., that pertain to the history and development of the Newark area since 1835 and; to raise funds to carry out the goals of the Association.


Fern Dell Museum is your local history Gift Store.  We have many items pertaining to Newark history available for gift giving. Railroad track sections, mugs, local history books, "Fires of Liberty" and Newark Millington Advertising reprints, paperweights with Illinois Midland Railroad photos, and calendars are among the items available.

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